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"How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation." Daniel 4:3

Wissahickon Valley Walk February 2, 2008

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Now the Wissahickon is of so remarkable a loveliness that, were it flowing in England, it would be the theme of every bard, and the common topic of every tongue, if, indeed, its banks were not parcelled off in lots, at an exorbitant price, as building-sites for the villas of the opulent. Yet it is only within a very few years that any one has more than heard of the Wissahiccon […] the brook is narrow. Its banks are generally, indeed almost universally, precipitous, and consist of high hills, clothed with noble shrubbery near the water, and crowned at a greater elevation, with some of the most magnificent forest trees of America, among which stands conspicuous the liriodendron tulipiferum. The immediate shores, however, are of granite, sharply defined or moss-covered, against which the pellucid water lolls in its gentle flow, as the blue waves of the Mediterranean upon the steps of her palaces of marble.

Amy and I enjoyed a small portion of the beautiful Wissahickon valley earlier this week, however I’ll use pictures to describe the beauty…

The most beautiful part of the valley:

Amy on the tree

Oh..the valley (click for more)

Wissahickon Valley

2 Responses to “Wissahickon Valley Walk”

  1. carol-leejoy Says:

    you two are so cute:) miss you.

  2. Susan Bradford Says:

    We were just there on Saturday with all the boys. What a wonderful time we had together. Deanna came along as well. I think she posted some of her photos on facebook.

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