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Some reading we’re enjoying… June 18, 2008

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Rev. Samuel Miller has some helpful advice, in his book: “Thoughts on Public Prayer”, written in the mid 19th century.


3 Responses to “Some reading we’re enjoying…”

  1. Cher Says:

    THAT is hilarious! Rich and I have similarily enjoyed some reading from Spurgeon on how a minister must protect his voice. How he should always wear a scarf and frequently use cough drops to protect against catarrh. So Rich is always sucking on a lozenge as he sits in his study, firmly wrapped in his scarf 😉

  2. Hey you two:) Just wanted to say hi.

    We just had a LW at the church you got married in and I was remembering that day, where I stood, how beautiful Amy was on her father’s arm, how happy Steve looked(even though he cried). I love you guys.

    Love Carol-Lee Joy

  3. Curt VD Says:

    Hey you,
    I’ve own and I read that book and it’s not bad reading. In fact, I don’t remember those parts at all, though I agree that its good advice and I would do well to pay heed to that. I must reform. 🙂

    Much of the book, however, deals with form prayers and he gives a blanket dismissal of them in favor of extemporary, which I think is much too strong. I, for one, prefer to write out, or at least, outline prayers done in public.

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