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"How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation." Daniel 4:3

You Know You’re a Seminary Student When . . . April 10, 2009

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(I’ve been keeping a sort of list . . . here are a few . . . enjoy!)

You know You’re a Seminary Student when . . .

* You warn your wife about the “big bill” coming in for next week – you’ve added coffee to the shopping list.

* 65 degrees farenhuit seems warm to you.

* You are excited when someone at the grocery store gives you their shopping cart and you get to keep the quarter!

* There is industrial plastic on your windows, taped on with double-sided tape.

* You let your wife cut your hair, even though she is completely inexperienced and has never taken a hairdressing class in her life.

* Your “desk” is a table you got on sale at IKEA and your “shelf” is made up of books and some random boards you could afford in a past life.

Good memories, for sure!! πŸ™‚

And here is seminary student numero ono, my beloved husband himself & a few shots of what makes up his life:


(Above photo credits: Louise)





Sierra . . . finds her way into every post. πŸ™‚



5 Responses to “You Know You’re a Seminary Student When . . .”

  1. sarah k Says:

    what if steve needs to read from one of the books holding up the shelves?!

  2. carole Says:

    HAHA i had a good laugh. can’t wait to spoil him next weekend (ie with a warm house) i just wish you all could be here!! and i hate the thought of Sierra being cold!! oh well i trust that you are taking good care of her. very cute post, Amy πŸ™‚

  3. steveamy Says:

    Well, Steve was smart enough to put books he rarely looks at holding the shelves up .. . and if he needs one of them, he has a muscle-woman for a wife. (haha, that was hilarious . . . )

    It’s amazing how your body temp. adjusts – and how well double-sleepering and tights under pants work! πŸ˜› Sierra also keeps herself warm with ballet moves and doing the worm. πŸ™‚ Lots of energy in that little body.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Your house is awesome … the seminary life sounds stressful but fun. I miss you guys already.

  5. Trish Says:

    It was nice to see you again Steve and Congrats with passing! You always seem to have a group of people around you so I didn’t get to talking to you. Blessings to you and your family!

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