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"How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation." Daniel 4:3

Happy Anniversary Honey! October 19, 2009

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Wow. Two years with you! I could not ask for a greater gift of the Lord…



Rich Mullins – Driving without Headlights October 17, 2009

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Below are a few words to ponder…

about the psalms, proof-texting, the church, music, singleness, marriage….


Mac Powell & Fernando Ortega – Our Great God

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Great Song here:


Creation Museum –> “How Great is our God”! October 12, 2009

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When is the last time you have been brought to sing the song “How Great is our God“?

Often we let days and weeks go by, forgetting how great our God is. His eternal power and divinity are clearly seen in the creation, yet somehow we forget to look up at the stars and remember the God who stretched out the heavens like a curtains!

We enjoyed a very special few days in Kentucky observing the handiwork of man that seeks to replicate the handiwork of God.  That’s a pretty hard thing to do….but they did a pretty good job.  A theme of contrasts runs through the museum with the seven C’s…a theme that humbles man and exalts God.

To find out what exactly that theme is, you’re going to have to visit the Creation Museum yourself…a highly, highly recommended thing to do.

We also met some special people down there at Trinity PCA and heard some great preaching from Rev. Chuck Hickey.  Let us suggest that when you visit, you also worship our majestic God with these gracious and generous believers.

And over and beyond all that we enjoyed splendid moments with family and friends.  What a privilege to reconnect with loved ones again, and in such a setting…one can’t ask for much more. As mom said at one point while sitting on a rock in the sunlight, with Jaden and Sierra on her lap: “There is absolutely no other place in the world I would rather be right now”.

Praise God for his pleasant providences that bring special foretastes of the glory of the new creation.  Sing with me – How great is our God!

2009-10-10 Creation Museum


My Privilege & Joy . . . October 1, 2009

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God seems to just give me children to take care of  – no matter where I go!  Here are the most recent . . . SW220662

Gloria Bultje

SW220637” ‘Morning Glories’ and ‘Gloria’ sound the same!!”


Gloria & Sierra love each other and get along very well!SW220624

Bouncing . . . Sierra thinks the playground is so much fun!

SW220609She can go down this slide ALL BY HERSELF . . . :S  She edges right up and just propels herself down!

SW220647Playing as only girls know how.



Joe & Stephen are my other two at the moment . . . growing up more every day!  Joseph is going to preschool this year and enjoying this step towards independance so much!

SW090332Enjoying Sierra’s room.  (Apparently even little superheros need Jesus!)

SW090335From last year . . .

SW137742Joseph in his lion suit.


Jack Frost never stands a chance of displaying artwork here!

SW137739Little dino

And of course . . . last but not least, God has given me my precious daughter Sierra!  She got a new room this year, which we have been enjoying immensely!  Our landlords did all the painting (we can’t take the credit) and Sierra never stops wanting to look at the animals displayed on her wall!






Best playmates!  Unfortunately, this also prevents mommy from getting work done . . . :S

SW100341Sierra stole this necklace from her mommy . . . my neice Ashleigh made it for me, but Sierra loves to wear it! 🙂

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Mark 10:14


Beyond all my Imaginings . . .

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Above all powers

Above all kings

Above all nature and all created things

Above all wisdom

and all the ways of man

You were here before the world began

Above all kingdoms

Above all thrones

Above all wonders the world has ever known

Above all wealth & treasures of the earth

There’s no way to measure what you’re worth . . .


Laid behind a stone

You lived to die

Rejected and alone

Like a rose

Trampled on the ground

You took the fall

And thought of me . . .