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"How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation." Daniel 4:3

Death . . . or?? November 1, 2009

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In my many imaginary lives and wanderings with a little girl I have babysat, I noticed a kind of fascination with death that she has.  No matter what we played, it seems, somebody died.  Of course, they usually come back to life again after a significant amount of sadness and trying to revive them, etc., but the fact remains – they die.  And I am left curious, a little disturbed, wondering “Why?”

The phsycology of it all fascinated me, and so there have been many theories and opportunities with her . . . and a few conclusions.  But it all came to a head when I was looking at a photo album with her.

G: “There’s my daddy.  He looks like he’s getting gray hair!”

Me: “Yep – when we begin to get older we get more and more gray hair.”

G: “But . . . my daddy can’t get old!!  NO!  If he gets older, then maybe he will . . . die!!”

Me: “We all have to die sometime.”

G: “We all have to die?! Even you . . . even me?”

Me: “Yes, we all have to die because we sinned and now there’s death in the world.  But guess what?”

G: “What?”

Me: “God says that if we believe in Jesus, then we will go to heaven to be with God forever.  And then .. . if you die and your Daddy dies, then you will see each other again.”

G: “Oh . . . ”

Me: “That’s why Jesus came . . . he says that when you get to heaven – after you die – then you will get to SEE him!  That’s the best part!”

G: (Big, round eyes) “WE WILL GET TO SEE JESUS?!!!! YAY!!!!”

She couldn’t contain her excitement.  She was jumping up and down, clapping her hands, so ecstatic that it brought tears to my eyes.

Yes.  We will get to SEE HIM.  Face to face. Loving. Praising. Forever.  I did a little jumping and clapping of my own after I got home, she inspired me so much – made it so real.

As the world celebrates and attempts to befriend death this night, we have something real to celebrate.  We have a friend who cared enough about us to sacrifice his life in blood and agony so that we could be with Him forever. Never separated.  Gray hairs banished.  Sin and tears wiped away.

I can’t wait.