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"How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation." Daniel 4:3

Two February 18, 2011

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That’s what she’ll say if you ask her how old she is.  Or she might just stare at you.  Or hide her face.  Or giggle uncontrollably.  In fact, she might do just about anything, because she is, of course, two.

Her favorite things:

1) Mommy!

2) Daddy.

3)  Little brother.

4) Her special baby. And babies in general.

(This was the day she piled about five diapers on top of each other to save time in her busy schedule as a mom. She also ditchedher pants.  When you’re two, these things make sense.)

5) Beads.  And coloring.

6) Jumping on the “jumpoline” and beds . . . and couches . . . and the floor . . . and her baby brother . . . .

(Side story: Today I laid Isaiah down and then turned my back for a moment as I went about my work.  Moments later, I heard Sierra’s giggles and smiled to myself over her contagious happiness.  Then I heard the words, “Jump on Isaiah!!”  Did I just hear . . . I turned back to see Sierra holding on to a piece of furniture, jumping with both feet on her brother’s belly.  I snatched her off as quickly as I could, then turned back to see if Isaiah was okay.  A huge smile and giggle met me as I came into his line of vision. Yup. So much fat comes in handy sometimes.  Tough little guy!)

7) Going outside

(Especially when it involves her baby and stroller and/or slides and swings.)

8 ) Boats and trains.  We went to a museum recently with friends and she LOVED seeing trains and boats in real life!

9) Dancing. And running around in circles.  Especially if she’s playing dress-up!

Oh, there are many more “favorite things” . . . such as dear relatives and friends, baths, Daddy’s guitar playing, storytime, snacks — you know, the simple things of life. Every day with her is an adventure.  Every day is a day in which we all learn something new.

Every day is a gift.



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Do you think I look like my dad when he was my age?


What do you think?


*Gasp* You do??!!


Oh man, I don’t know what to think about that!!


Kind of funny maybe . . .


Strike that, it’s hilarious!!!


Craziness.  Good thing we’re so cute.


Isaiah – the latest February 8, 2011

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I used to wonder why it seems like I have a sore back every once in a while. . . Until we weighed Isaiah.  The mysteries are so over.

At five months, this kid is less than 5 lbs behind is 2 yr. 4 mth. -old sister.

I pulled a sleeper out of the closet yesterday to see if it would fit him.  The tag read:

“9 Months

16.5 – 20.5 lbs.”

Yep.  It fits.  But he’ll outgrow it soon.

I’ve never seen any baby more excited about food.  I figured it was time to let him try solids when he was overpowering me at the dinner table, tasting my baked chicken.  Sure enough, he can’t get enough of trying delicious looking mashed-up food!

One wonders what the future holds. 🙂