Awestruck Wonder

"How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation." Daniel 4:3

Showers and Flowers March 20, 2011

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God’s done it again!  Like every year, spring has come, beckoning the robins and migrant birds, warming the earth, summoning teeny-tiny curled-up baby leaves and wowing my two-year old with sticks and stones and dirt that manages to be both disgusting and pleasurable at the same time.  Oh spring, you are so welcome.  God, we praise you and trust your promises once again.

It is raining today.  Sierra looked at the big puffy gray clouds and said, “Mommy, snow!” I said, “No, baby, I think those clouds are going to bring rain today.”  A few minutes later, there were droplets on the window, and she stared at them as if she had never seen water before.  “All wet, Mommy,” she said.  “Raining. All wet.”  She ran to the bathroom and came back with a cloth, clearly meant to clean up the mess.  She stopped dead from a full-tilt run when she looked out the window, amazed by the sight of so much water. The cloth fell to the floor without so much as a whisper.  Who can contain the works of God?

My baby is sick – the feverish, sneezing, rattle coughing, fall-asleep-in-your-arms kind.  He threw up all over both of us yesterday, and we headed straight for the shower.  He is fascinated by the sparkling streams, addicted to the wonder.  He passed his chubby pink fingers through them again and again, sprinkling glistening droplets into the air, stopping now and then to rub the water out of his eyes. Then – back at it again.  He cannot get enough.

The rain has stopped now, the flowers watered.  And spring has come, just as God promised. Instead of tiny, six-pointed snowflakes, we will now wonder at the buds and tiny leaflets.  We will open our windows and let the cobwebs blow away and  be replaced by the scents of blossoms.  (They will make my husband sneeze, but, like winter, this too shall pass.)

To the end of time, His promises shall endure.  The earth may be thrown inches off its axis, but yet – there will be spring.  Earthquakes make make us feel like a two-year-old with only a washcloth to contain all the droplets of a springtime shower, and still yet – His mercies are new every morning.

The flowers are watered now.  Will God use this devastation in Japan to bring the seeds of His gospel – to water them?  This is what we are praying for.  Only He could use death to bring life – most specifically, the death of His Son.  What a longing we have to see many come to life, to see the earth warmed and the blossoms summoned from the ground.  To see flourishing, lushness that can only come from growing in Jesus, drinking deeply of His rain.  Only He can satisfy.  Only He can wake up a world once frozen in the dead of winter.  Only he can use the dreary rain to accomplish such life.

For now, the simple miracle of Spring is calling me to trust His promises once again.



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