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"How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation." Daniel 4:3

Lookalikes?? February 18, 2011

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Do you think I look like my dad when he was my age?


What do you think?


*Gasp* You do??!!


Oh man, I don’t know what to think about that!!


Kind of funny maybe . . .


Strike that, it’s hilarious!!!


Craziness.  Good thing we’re so cute.


Isaiah – the latest February 8, 2011

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I used to wonder why it seems like I have a sore back every once in a while. . . Until we weighed Isaiah.  The mysteries are so over.

At five months, this kid is less than 5 lbs behind is 2 yr. 4 mth. -old sister.

I pulled a sleeper out of the closet yesterday to see if it would fit him.  The tag read:

“9 Months

16.5 – 20.5 lbs.”

Yep.  It fits.  But he’ll outgrow it soon.

I’ve never seen any baby more excited about food.  I figured it was time to let him try solids when he was overpowering me at the dinner table, tasting my baked chicken.  Sure enough, he can’t get enough of trying delicious looking mashed-up food!

One wonders what the future holds. 🙂


Creation Museum with family! October 30, 2010

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Mom & Dad and seven of the eight children still living at home came down for a visit this past weekend . . . crazy, but fun!  They all managed to stay over here, squeezed into our little two-bedroom apartment.  Friday we all headed down to our much-loved Creation Museum.  The family had never been there before, and I believe, through all their noise and clamor, I heard quite a few good reports back. 🙂  They all helped to take some fabulous pictures with our camera.


“Daddy” to one, “Opa” to the other (though sometimes they get confused on this one).  Opa loves to play with “the twins” and is a good person to go to when you want a little treat!

Isaiah is a growing little boy and gets lots of attention . . . here he is with “Moma” (who from her youthful age and looks could easily be “Mama”)

Steve decided to include a random picture of me at a different time and in my “nursing cape” in this collage . . . other than that, these pictures are of pretty cute people!

Sierra just can’t get enough of all of them . . . she still asks for them constantly and is quite sad (to say the least) that they have now left.

“Auntie ‘Iah”

Uncle “Yah-yah”

What a wonderful thing it is to walk through Redemption History!!  It is always a special treat to go to this museum and we thank God for this special blessing!  May many come to Christ through it!

There were a few scary moments . . .

. . . and a few funny ones . . .

. . . as well as a few romantic ones, maybe??  🙂  We are so thankful that cousin Matt & the lovely Anne-Marie are now engaged!!  We praise God for the way He works to continually create new families and to continue His covenant that He began at the very dawn of History!

Thank-you for coming, everyone!!! We loved being with you again!


3 Years October 24, 2010

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We do not hold hands so much now.  These hands are often full of flailing limbs and skin of a different brand.

We do not spend as much time in talk.  There are stories to be had in half-formed sentences, thoughts flung out in their nude, undecorated state between a whirlwind of tiny prancing feet and cry of hungry, searching mouth.

There are fewer pauses in these short days, fewer undisturbed silences.

There is more grace.  Abundant, lavished, poured-out grace.

We do not hold hands so often now.  We do not spend so much time in talk.  But our hearts have somehow wound round one another, rooted into one another.   Their deep, throbbing beat has become more one.

Together  we have been the audience of first breaths, first cries, first words.  Together we have brought forth new life.  Together we have received new life, day after day in perfect measure.  We have been both student and teacher, both learning and imparting knowledge.  We have grown in wisdom, sometimes against our will.  Together, we are better worshipers of Jesus than apart.

Oh, what privilege, what blessing we have through His mercy!  What opportunity to gaze on and display His glory!  What love He overflows these hearts with, what life!

Privileges. May they be cherished and used for Him.

Blessings.  May we lift them up to heaven in grateful thanks.

Opportunities – May you be seized and lived!

Love & Life . . . to enjoy, bask in, search for, feast on, throw oneself into, continually be reminded not to shrink from!

Anniversary dinner, Baby Isaiah in tow. 🙂


Some Recent Pictures October 15, 2010

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You can click the picture to see a short slideshow…


Isaiah & His Daddy September 28, 2010

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. . . because he has such a good one!

Hard to believe these little hands may well grow this big one day . . . !!

“To please God . . . to be a real ingredient in the divine happiness . . . to be loved by God, not merely pitied, but delighted in as an artist delights in his work or a father in a son – it seems impossible, a weight or burden of glory which our thoughts can hardly sustain. But it is so.”

– C.S. Lewis, “The Weight of Glory”


Sweet Siblings September 23, 2010

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“Hot, Mommy. Hot.”

“Ucky.  Ucky.”  (Diaper . . . 🙂 )