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"How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation." Daniel 4:3

Happy 1st Birthday, Sierra!!! September 25, 2009

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We praise God for the precious gift of our daughter.  What a blessing she has been to us in so many ways – and how much God has taught us through her!!

One year ago:

a wild ride (Large)

SW245351 (Large)

Sierra’s face then:

SW255422 (Large)

Sierra’s Face Now:

SW240761 (Large)

Profile Then:

SW265444 (Large)

Profile Now:SW240746 (Large)

One year ago, Sierra could not even smile at will.  She slept, nursed, filled her diaper and slept again.  That’s all she could do.

Now, Sierra can do many things.  She can eat ice cream (compliments of Applebee’s) . . .

SW240946 (Large)SW240948 (Large)(“Mmmm . . . yum!”)

. . . and cake (compliments of Auntie Carole & Auntie Sharon) . . .

SW210551 (Large)

. . . in fact, Sierra knows very well how to feed herself, thank-you!

SW010284 (Large)SW010283 (Large)

Sierra knows how to open presents:

SW240955 (Large)

How to charm her daddy:

SW240909 (Large)

How to walk:  (Hmm . . . maybe someday she’ll outgrow that love for crawling??)

SW240760 (Large)

SW240858 (Large)

. . . and how to climb up on things.

SW240899 (Large)

She knows how to say “no” to things she doesn’t want.  (In this case, the baby turtle we rescued.)

SW240875 (Large)

(Aren’t their expressions hilariously similar?!)

She can flirt with danger:

SW240874 (Large)

. . . and could probably charm the socks off anyone with her brilliant smile and blue eyes.

SW240897 (Large)

SW240770 (Large)

SW240785 (Large)

Most importantly, Sierra knows how to pray:

SW240801 (Large)

. . . and that she is loved.

SW240833 (Large)SW240924 (Large)

This is our one-year-old daughter.

SW240696 (Large)

SW240731 (Large)

Praises to our God!



2 Responses to “Happy 1st Birthday, Sierra!!!”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    Amy this is sooooo adorable! Your daughter is definitely a charmer =)

  2. Cheryl Says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous. What a blessing!

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